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For 48 V power supply: Rutronik offers 100 V MLCC with high capacitance value from Samsung Electro-Mechanics

More and more data volumes require increasing computing power in data centers, which leads to a significant increase in power consumption. One approach to meet this requirements is to switch from 12 V to 48 V systems which request 100 V capacitors.

For 48 V power supply: Rutronik offers 100 V MLCC with high capacitance value from Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics offers the appropriate product with the 1210i, 10 μF, 100 V, X7S MLCC. The multilayer ceramic capacitors' characteristics make them ideal for industrial and robotics applications that require high performance. The MLCCs as well as other Samsung Electro-Mechanics products are available.

The ceramic capacitors also work without problems at higher temperatures up to 125 °C. That feature is crucial because the increasing number of CPU cores, accelerators and high-performance graphics cards causes extreme heat generation.

Application example with AI
It is possible to connect four 12 V batteries in series to form a more efficient 48 V systems, for example for warehouse robots that operate with artificial intelligence. In addition, power supply systems with 48 V are also used more and more often in network equipment.

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