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PEI-Genesis announces “More Than a Distributor” campaign

PEI-Genesis, a global leader in the design and assembly of custom engineered connectors and cable solutions, announced today its new “More Than a Distributor” campaign, with a purpose to differentiate PEI-Genesis from the interconnect industry’s distribution competitors.

The initiative defines PEI-Genesis’s mission to solve customers’ interconnect challenges through the values of innovation, integrity and teamwork, with excellence to its customers at the center of it. With this, PEI-Genesis strives to:

  • Be the trusted advisor to global engineers to meet and exceed their design needs
  • Provide the broadest selection of interconnect products for procurement professionals
  • Cultivate a culture where employees can grow, reach their goals, and be inspired

“For me, the key thing is that customers can partner with PEI-Genesis and be confident that we will be much more to them than a typical distributor,” explained Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President and MD Europe for PEI-Genesis. “We will work with them to understand their needs, their challenges and their operational context so that we can better serve them and exceed their expectations.

“Our culture at PEI-Genesis is built on 75 years of experience in the interconnect world and this gives us the skills and capabilities to fulfill all our customers’ interconnect needs, especially in harsh environments and challenging applications.”

PEI-Genesis believes that the “More Than a Distributor” campaign will showcase the company’s unique value that it provides, not only to customers but also to manufacturer partners, employees and other key stakeholders globally.

“I am excited to launch this new campaign to help explain why PEI-Genesis is different to other distributors,” added Parry.

To learn more about the “More Than a Distributor” campaign, visit PEI-Genesis’s website.

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