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THR PCB terminal blocks up to 2.5 mm²

Phoenix Contact is extending its range of reflow-solder-capable PCB terminal blocks (MSL1) to include the 2.5 mm² cross-section.

THR PCB terminal blocks up to 2.5 mm²

The new PCB terminal blocks made of heat-resistant plastic are designed for currents up to 32 A and voltages up to 400 V, and are suitable for connecting ferrules up to 2.5 mm² and both rigid and flexible conductors up to 4 mm². The terminal blocks are available in 2- to 12-position versions for a pitch of 5.0 mm.

The SPT-THR 2,5 PCB terminal blocks feature the convenient Push-in connection that allows quick and tool-free wiring. The color-coded push button and the defined contact force ensure intuitive operation and permanently stable contacting. Because actuation and conductor connection are from one direction, the PCB terminals can also be integrated into the device front.

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