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Sino Wealth License and Deploy CEVA Bluetooth® Low Energy IP for its Connectivity MCUs

SH87F881X family of connectivity MCUs and modules leverage CEVA's industry leading Bluetooth LE IP for ultra-low power wireless connectivity.

Sino Wealth License and Deploy CEVA Bluetooth® Low Energy IP for its Connectivity MCUs

CEVA, Inc, the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies and co-creation solutions, has announced that Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd., a leader in integrated circuit design for micro controller unit (MCU) has licensed and deployed CEVA's Bluetooth connectivity platform - RivieraWaves Bluetooth Low Energy 5 IP in its latest SH87F881X family of connectivity MCUs targeting white goods and the broader Industrial IoT (IIoT) markets.

"Wireless connectivity has become a primary requirement for all varieties of white and brown goods in order to connect them into the smart home ecosystem," "By integrating CEVA's lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy IP into our MCUs, we can reinforce our leadership in these markets and extend our reach into IIoT markets," said Slug Zhang, Director of Connectivity Business Unit at Sino Wealth.

"Sino Wealth is widely recognized as a front-runner in the home appliance MCU market," "We are pleased to partner with them to add Bluetooth LE connectivity to their product portfolio and increase their footprint in home automation," 
said Tal Shalev, Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless IoT Business Unit at CEVA.

CEVA's RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP platforms provide comprehensive solutions for both Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth dual mode connectivity. Each platform consists of a hardware baseband controller, plus a feature-rich software protocol stack. A flexible radio interface allows the platforms to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF or various partners' RF IP, enabling optimal selection of foundry and process node.

All the latest features of Bluetooth are supported, including Isochronous Channels with full LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio solution, Direction Finding (AoA/AoD), LE Channel Classification and other enhancements. With more than 3 billion devices shipped to date and dozens of licensees, the RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP is widely deployed in consumer and IoT devices with many of the world's leading semiconductors companies and OEMs, including smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, wireless headsets and earbuds, hearing aids and other wearables.

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