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Panasonic Introduces New mmWave Wi-Fi Solution Utilizing Peraso’s X710 Chipset Technology

Peraso has announce that Panasonic System Networks R&D Lab Co, has adopted Peraso’s X710 chipset for its new 60GHz WLAN solution.

Panasonic Introduces New mmWave Wi-Fi Solution Utilizing Peraso’s X710 Chipset Technology

Incorporating Peraso’s phased array antenna technology, PSNRD’s newly introduced 60GHz WLAN solution achieves wireless high-speed, low-latency communication equivalent to wired LAN over distances of hundreds of meters. The new solution is easy to install and operate thanks to its unlicensed, interference-free use of the 60 GHz band and narrow beam directional antenna control.

“Panasonic is a global consumer and enterprise technology leader and we are very excited that PSNRD, a Panasonic group company, has selected Peraso’s chipset for their latest 60 GHz WLAN solution,” said Ron Glibbery, Peraso’s CEO. “We believe that the X710 is perfectly suited to meet PSNRD’s stringent demands and that their product, combined with Peraso’s robust technology, is delivering a highly desirable wireless connectivity solution.”

The 60GHz frequency band provides extensive RF spectrum, which is ideal for fixed wireless applications delivering multi-gigabit data service. Delivering the smallest and lightest class solution in the industry, it can be easily installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

PSNRD 60GHz WLAN - Key features of Peraso’s X710 Chipset include:

  • 1 Gbps Ethernet
  • Over hundreds of meters data transmission with 1Gbps
  • Low latency transmission on the order of milliseconds
  • Multiple clients support
  • Volume less than 500 cc
  • IP66/IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Use in outdoor environments of -30 to +50℃.

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