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Power Integrations unveils efficient non-isolated flyback switcher ICs for small power supplies

Power Integrations has introduced the LinkSwitch-XT2SR family of off-line, constant-voltage non-isolated flyback switcher ICs, boasting up to 90% efficiency for small open-frame power supplies.

Power Integrations unveils efficient non-isolated flyback switcher ICs for small power supplies

With no-load consumption below 5 mW, LinkSwitch-XT2SR ICs easily surpass the requirements of the European Union’s Energy-Related Products (ErP) Directive for standby power consumption. The new ICs deliver 250 mW to the load within the 300 mW ErP allowance, enabling designers of appliances and industrial systems to operate more system functionality in standby mode, enhancing the user experience and saving energy.

“Improving efficiency in small power supplies and at light load is crucial considering the number and variety of applications that are continuously connected to the power grid,” stated Silvestro Fimiani, senior product marketing manager at Power Integrations. “I expect to see LinkSwitch-XT2SR ICs used broadly in small appliances and in the expanding range of IoT-enabled home and building automation applications such as smart locks, sensor-based environmental controls, and in a range of industrial applications.”

Capable of delivering up to 15 W at 230 VAC, LinkSwitch-XT2SR multi-output flyback switcher ICs reduce component count by incorporating a synchronous rectifier driver and an auxiliary, low-current, µVcc output to directly supply an MCU. Advanced protection and safety features include hysteretic thermal shutdown (OTP) and extended creepage between the drain pin and all other pins, improving field reliability. The 725 V MOSFET provides excellent surge withstand performance, while a 900 V switch is available for industrial applications and for geographies where fluctuating mains voltages call for extra safety margin.

Availability & Resources
LinkSwitch-XT2SR ICs prices start at $0.50 each in 1,000-unit quantities. Supporting materials include:

  • RDK-962, a reference design (hardware) kit for a 12 W power supply with 90 to 265 VAC input and dual 5 V / 1.4 A and 12 V / 0.42 A outputs;
  • DER-963, a design example report which describes an 85 to 265 VAC input, 5 V / 1 A output, 5 W non-isolated flyback converter;
  • DER-998, a design example report which details a 90 to 265 VAC input, 12 V / 1 A or 6 V / 1 A output power supply with 12 V or 6 V selectable output voltage;
  • LinkSwitch-XT2SR data sheet; and a
  • LinkSwitch-XT2SR video.

For further information contact a Power Integrations sales representative or one of the company’s authorized worldwide distributors: DigiKey, Farnell, Mouser and RS Components, or visit website.

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