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Rutronik is now stocking the new OSLON Square Horti White LED from ams OSRAM

Rutronik introduces the OSLON Square Horti White LED GW CSSRM4.HW from ams OSRAM, offering higher photon flux and industry-leading brightness, making it the first component to be classified by photon flux density at 85°C.
Rutronik is now stocking the new OSLON Square Horti White LED from ams OSRAM

This ensures a better match with typical operating temperatures, making it easier for system designers to perform complex calculations. In contrast to conventional white LEDs, the use of an individual phosphor solution ensures improved effectiveness. Like its predecessor, this generation of Horti White LEDs also comes in a robust and compact design and impresses with its proven reliability as well as long service life. It is ideally suited for outdoor use, e. g. in agriculture or horticulture, entertainment technology, and industrial lighting. The LEDs from ams OSRAM are now available.

The customized phosphor solution used in the GW CSSRM4.HW enables an increase in unconverted red photons, resulting in a unique efficiency. The brightness of the LEDs is 2 % higher than that of the predecessor model GW CSSRM3.HW, reaching a previously unattained level. The high-performance LEDs are installed in robust SMD ceramic housings with silicone lenses and have a low thermal resistance. They deliver reliable light at operating temperatures between -40 °C and + 125 °C.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Beam angle: 120° (Lambertian emitter)
  • ESD dielectric strength: 8 kV according to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, class 3B)
  • Radiant flux (@ 700mA): typ. 1232 mW @ 25°C; typ. 1175 mW @ 85°C
  • Radiation efficiency (@ 700mA): typ. 60.6% at 25°C; typ. 59.5% at 85°C
  • Photon flux (@ 700mA): typ. 5.43 μmol/s at 25°C; typ. 5.18 μmol/s at 85°C
  • Binning at +85°C compared to the industry standard of +25°C
  • Photon flux efficiency (at 700mA): typ. 2.67 μmol/J @ 25°C; typ. 2.62 μmol/J @ 85°C
  • Available in four colour bins and two versions: GWCSSRM4.HW-SHSM-H1H2-1-700-R3 and GWCSSRM4.HW-SJSM-H3H4-1-700-R3.

Application examples:

  • Horticulture and agriculture
  • Agricultural interior lighting
  • Greenhouse ceiling lighting
  • Entertainment technology / stage lighting
  • Industrial lighting

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