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ABB News

ABB and Nüvü to deliver exo-planet cameras for NASA future telescope

A two-year contract awarded to ABB from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will see key ABB/Nüvü Camēras technology fly onboard the space telescope in 2025, on course to capture the first spaceborne images of planets outside our solar system.

Telit News

Telit ME310G1-WW and ME910G1-WW Modules Certified for Use on Telstra’s LTE-M and NB-IoT Networks

Optimized for long battery life and reliable connectivity, even when IoT devices are deep inside buildings, such as utility meters and medical wearables. The two Telit modules are the first Qualcomm®9205-based modules to complete Telstra certification, enabling a new generation of ultra-compact LTE-M and NB-IoT devices.


Laser solution with two different wavelengths

The AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 U Femto Flexipulse, specifically designed for aesthetic and functional Laser texturing, integrates a laser source that allows using two different wavelengths. It achieves repeatable results in a single solution for texturing parts for watches, jewelry, small inserts, cutting tools and micro machined workpieces.


New Intesis gateway makes communication between EtherNet/IP and BACnet easy

HMS Networks announces a new Intesis protocol translator that integrates between EtherNet/IP and BACnet IP/MSTP-based Building Management Systems. Thanks to its unique design, it is easy to bring data from a factory network to a BMS.

Acceed News

Nuvo-7166GC: Cool calculating GPU computing for AI

The patented cassette and air tunnel design of the new industrial GPU computer Nuvo-7166GC from Acceed promises system operation at ambient temperatures of up to 60°C at a constant 100% GPU load.

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