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TDK News

PCB Pattern Design for ESD Countermeasures and ESD Visualization

TDK has a lineup of multilayer chip varistors that protect equipment for malfunction and failure due to ESD (electrostatic discharge), and we have long contributed to solving customer ESD problems.

TDK News

BCL Series Power Inductors

The power inductor BCL series for automotive is compact inductors with high inductance by using TDK’s proprietary material technology and structural design. The use of metallic magnetic core material allows for higher currents than ferrite-based products and a wider operating temperature range, making them suitable for automotives with very high temperature environment.

TDK News

Introduction to TDK’s New MP-A28 Wireless Power Pattern Coil

TDK, a world leader in material technologies, manufacturing and electronic components, has recently developed and released a state-of-the-art, Qi compliant planar wireless power coil utilizing a unique copper patterning technology that provides multiple end-user benefits. The Wireless Power Consortium [WPC] has designated this new coil as MP-A28, while the corresponding TDK part number is WCT38466-N0E0SST01.

Rutronik Info

For 48 V power supply: Rutronik offers 100 V MLCC with high capacitance value from Samsung Electro-Mechanics

More and more data volumes require increasing computing power in data centers, which leads to a significant increase in power consumption. One approach to meet this requirements is to switch from 12 V to 48 V systems which request 100 V capacitors.

Flex Power Modules News

Digital 40A PoL - efficient and easy to configure

Flex Power Modules is announcing their BMR473 digital Point of Load converter packaged in a space-saving SIP or horizontal mount format.

Toshiba News

Toshiba extends miniature MOSFET gate driver family for portable applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has added five new MOSFET gate-driver ICs in the TCK42xG series, suitable for a wide range of applications including battery powered, consumer and industrial equipment. The devices in this series control the applied gate voltage independent of the input voltage and feature an over-voltage lockout function to protect the circuit.

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