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Solid-State Battery Technology Offers Limitless Possibilities to the New IoT Era

The advent of the Internet of Everything (IoE), which intelligently connects people, processes, data and things, requires compact, high performance batteries. For smart devices to become even more prevalent, demand is growing for a safer, more compact rechargeable alternative to conventional lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. By Carlos Schlabitz, Product Marketing Manager chez TDK.

TDK News

C43 / C44 series - Pressure sensor DIEs for high burst pressure requirements in the automotive and industrial segment

The high precision of piezoresistive sensors and their ability to measure absolute, gauge and differential pressure make them suitable for a wide range of applications in the increasingly demanding requirements for industrial and automotive segment. Core component of each pressure sensor is the sensing element or the so-called DIE, which converts the pressure into an electrical output.

Rohm Semiconductors News

New 32bit D/A Converter IC for Hi-Fi Audio Equipment

Designed to maximally extract and convert high resolution digital audio data to analog audio signals, audio DAC chips are one of the most important components for determining the quality in audio equipment.


A Guide to DC-DC Converter Design Basics

Most electronic equipment incorporates DC-DC conversion in some form. The switched-mode technique is an efficient solution which enables step up and step down in voltage as well as isolation, with small magnetics. This article gives a broad review of the technology and some commercial implementations.

Mouser News

Getting to Grips with Analog Design

In the final of our four-part series highlighting the shortage and importance of analog design engineering skills, we explain how it’s possible to quickly design a fully functional analog filter circuit without manually calculating component values, using complex numbers or differential equations.

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