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New LEMO Product Family Portfolio Simplifies Selection Process

LEMO has launched an enhanced product family portfolio to streamline customer selection, offering over 90,000 custom solutions to meet market demands, continuously expanding its offerings.

Inova Semiconductors News

Inova Semiconductors Supplies New APIX3® SerDes Products with DisplayPort™ Multi-stream Video Interface and Support for up to 4 Daisy-chained Displays

Inova Semiconductors expands its APIX3® SerDes family with more video channels for daisy-chained display architectures. The new transmitter devices enable simultaneous transmission of multiple videos, audio, Ethernet and data in real time at up to 12 Gbit/s.

Rutronik Info

Higher power efficiency for an improved overall system

Rutronik has incorporated Infineon's StrongIRFET™ 2 MOSFETs into its product portfolio, enhancing power efficiency and system performance.

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