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Murata Set to Accelerate Widespread Adoption of Cooperative Safety with Advanced V2X Solution Featuring Autotalks’ Chipset

Leading electronics manufacturer Murata has been cooperating with Autotalks, a trailblazer in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication solutions, to introduce pioneering new technology that will facilitate progression towards cooperative safety and higher levels of automated mobility.

Rutronik Info

AEC-Q100 qualified for AOI: RPY-1.5Q LED driver from RECOM at Rutronik

RECOM introduces the RPY-1.5Q, a highly efficient, cost-effective LED driver. The optionally available "wettable flanks" for automated optical inspection meet AEC- Q100 qualification requirements.

TTI News

TTI Europe and HARTING expand their Distribution Partnership to the European Region

TTI, Inc, Europe, the leading specialty distributor of electronic components, and a distributor of choice to manufacturers in the industrial, defense, aerospace, transportation, medical, and communications sectors, has signed an agreement to expand their authorised distributor for HARTING in Europe, innovator and manufacturer of durable and reliable electrical connectors. The agreement was signed at Electronica 2022 in Munich, Germany.

Sivers Semiconductors News

Sivers Semiconductors enters new emerging radar markets

Sivers Semiconductors AB announces that its close cooperation with the Canadian start-up aiRadar has resulted in a revolutionary line of sophisticated radar products. By leveraging Sivers’ unique RFIC and antenna technology, aiRadar is now revealing a new recipe for developing highly advanced radar products in various relevant applications and verticals.

NXP News

NXP Introduces High-Performance S32K39 Series MCUs for Modern Electrification Applications

NXP Semiconductors, the leader in automotive processors, has announced a new S32K39 series of automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) optimized for electric vehicle (EV) control applications. The modern S32K39 MCUs take electrification into the future with high-speed and high-resolution control for increased power efficiency to extend driving range and provide a smoother EV driving experience.

Analog Devices News

Analog Devices Announces World’s First Long-Reach, Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Solutions for Smart Building and Factory Automation

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced the world’s first Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Power Device (PD) solutions to help customers drive greater levels of intelligence into smart buildings, factory automation, and other applications at the edge of traditional networks.

Infineon News

Infineon`s new family of 2 x 37 W audio amplifiers features second generation of MERUS multilevel switching amplifier technology

When designing portable and battery-powered audio devices for consumer speaker applications, maximizing battery playback time and, at the same time, maintaining excellent audio performance in a compact form and at a low system cost is essential.

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