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TDK News

An Inside Look at the LED Starting Board Watching Over Athletes Aiming to Break World Records

The World Athletics Championships Oregon22 will be held in July 2022 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. This is the world’s premier sporting event where top athletes from around the world gather to challenge their own limits and records. Behind the starting line of the 100 Metres—the most-watched competition in the Championships—an LED signboard showing the TDK corporate logo will illuminate the athletes.

Nexcom News

NEXCOM Accelerates Data Throughput with NVIDIA SmartNIC Silicon Enabled

In response to rising demand for increased bandwidth of network traffic, NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, has released a compact single-port 200GbE network interface card (NIC). NL 110FM-OS leverages the award-winning NVIDIA® ConnectX®-6 Dx SmartNIC silicon and a PCIe Gen4 interface that doubles the speed of data transfer, compared with the previous generation PCIe standard.

TDK News

Predicting Anomalies Before Breakdowns Occur: Ultracompact Sensor Module Redefines the Status Quo of Equipment Maintenance

Factories and manufacturing sites need to prevent anomalies in machinery and equipment to minimize downtime. Productivity can be raised by predicting problems and performing maintenance preemptively, instead of reacting only after breakdowns have occurred. To facilitate this type of predictive maintenance, TDK has developed i3 Micro Module—the world’s first ultracompact sensor module featuring embedded edge AI.

Keysight technologies News

Keysight’s Participation in O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2022 Enables Ecosystem to Speed Open RAN Technology Development and Specifications Maturity

Comprehensive portfolio used to verify conformance, interoperability, performance, security and demonstrated innovative proof of concepts such as energy savings and AI/ML assisted optimization.

Qualcomm News

New RF Front End connectivity solution to boost Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance

The last two years have brought significant changes to how we manage our personal and working lives. Many of the activities we used to do elsewhere were unexpectedly pulled into our homes. Suddenly we found ourselves working, learning, and socializing remotely; making video calls; streaming HD movies; playing online games; and more.

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